Jesus Is The Way!

God designed the plan of salvation around Jesus.

There’s only one way to Heaven.

According to the Bible; contrary to popular sentiment, which claims, “All religions are legitimate; they are just different paths to heaven.” There’s actually no “path to heaven.” Humankind cannot get to God; only God could get to us, and He did—in Jesus, God the Son. We must accept Him as He revealed Himself in the Bible.

An internal combustion engine designed to run on gasoline of 87–octane won’t work right with any other fuel. Like people rationalizing other religions, we could say, “Well, I sincerely believe this engine will run on Kool–Aid®.” But it won’t; it’s not engineered for that. It’s designed to operate only with gasoline, combusted under great pressure in the cylinders.

Likewise, God, the Creator of all things, engineered us to reach heaven by trusting Jesus Christ as Savior. He gave no other way to reach heaven. Kool–Aid® can’t replace gasoline.

No human way to Heaven will work.

Good deeds won’t work. “Being good enough” won’t work. (No one seems to know how good is good enough!) “Religiosity” won’t work. Denying God, doing our own thing, crystals, pyramids, astrology, Buddha, even angels won’t get is to heaven.

A few have said, “I’ll fly by jumping off this cliff with artificial wings strapped to my back.” It’s always the last thing they said, because it never worked. Even if they sincerely believed they could fly that way, they still died. Even if we sincerely believe that our own goodness, or our non–biblical beliefs will work, we have to yield to the laws of God, just as those wannabe–flyers had to yield to the law of gravity—even if they didn’t believe in it! We might prefer another way, but God the Creator gets to make the rules, and He says we can get to heaven only by trusting His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our church’s music director fell off a ladder and landed on his wrist while putting up some outdoor Christmas decorations. Soon his new email was “GravityWorks@xxx.com” Even if Mark didn’t believe in gravity, it still worked against him.

Trusting our own goodness or another religion is as deadly as jumping from the cliff with a cardboard wing strapped on, shouting, “I sincerely believe this will work!!!” Are you willing to take that chance? Only Jesus is the way to heaven.

(Next time: listen carefully to what God the Son—Jesus Christ—said about Himself.)

Dr. Curtis Alexander