Jesus Is The Truth

There are only three possibilities.

  1. Perhaps Jesus knew He wasn’t God, but said He was; that makes Him a LIAR.
  2. Maybe Jesus really thought He was God, but He wasn’t; that makes Him a LUNATIC.
  3. The Bible says Jesus was and is God the Son; that makes Him LORD of the universe.

Our response matters.

We can choose to believe that Jesus is Lord. Or we can believe that Jesus is a Liar or a Lunatic.

If we agree that He is Lord, we must make a decision: Will I turn my life over to Him, since He is Creator and God?

Or will I reject His Lordship in my life, and stay on the throne myself?

Can I save myself from the judgment to be leveled against all sin?

Erwin Lutzer said Jesus Christ was wedded to the truth as no one else has been…

“If Christ did not speak the truth in all matters, the claims about himself vanish like the idle babbling of a lunatic bent on deceiving the world. Unlike Plato and Aristotle, he could not afford to be wrong—even once.”

“Plato, three hundred years before Christ, predicted that if ever the truly good man were to appear, the man who would tell the truth, he would have his eyes gouged out and in the end be crucified. That risk was once taken, in its fullest measure. The Man appeared. He told the world the truth about itself, and even made the preposterous claim: ‘I am the Truth.’ As Plato foresaw, the Man was crucified [for His truth].”

Elisabeth Elliot

Dr. Curtis Alexander